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Bottle factory - colorful glass bottles Trend
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The current share of glass products in the packaging market is shrinking sharply. However, with the rapid growth of manufacturing and processing technology, today's glass packaging not only combines the brilliant performance of the blueprint, but also overcomes the inherent shortcomings and has grown a lot of new and sophisticated. Efficacy; this makes the glass in the food and beverage, medicine, cosmetics and other scales Dongshan. Especially for the packaging of high-grade cosmetics and perfumes, glass is still the first choice in its packaging materials.

As a new trend of glass packaging for cosmetics, the operation of colored glass bottles is inexhaustible, and the craftsmanship of the ancestors makes it possible to make special decorations, profiles and shading, giving each package a common appearance. Whether it is the packaging of perfume bottles or skin cream jars, we strive to flash their sublimity and commonality.

At the moment in the high-end beauty and fragrance market, monochromatic glass packaging is everywhere, and multi-color packaging and color mining are just beginning to emerge. When it comes to the new species of flower fragrance - Prismatic Floral, the packaging of the Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise product "creates a hell of ***", according to the introduction: "The glass from Pochet Industries is sprayed on the glass." The seven-color Caihong is a representative of the rich *** spectrum, through the process of Rexam Manufacturing brake spraying, exclusive ionic resin Surlyn and clear polypropylene polypropylene accessories, creating a seemingly crystal packaging.

“Color can be obtained by dyeing process glass, or directly into batch furnaces, or by process jetting”, which has become possible in the production of craftsmanship. The stained glass craftsmanship has inspired the designer to achieve a more fulfilling presentation.

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