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Buy liquor consumption variance analysis comparing yourself to drink and gift
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In order to more accurately understand the consumer demand, competitive situation and potential market opportunities of liquor products, liquor producers can achieve brand communication and product marketing according to consumers' needs, and minimize the marketing risks of liquor brands and products. , to quickly increase the sales of products, steadily strengthen the brand and expand the market size. Beijing Precision Planning conducted a special and in-depth market research on the consumer demand for Beijing liquor products from April 6 to May 10, 2009.

    The Precision Planning Market Research Department has designed the survey questionnaire professionally and made scientific quotas on the gender, age and income of the interviewed consumers. This survey adopts the internationally accepted CLT (CentralLocationTest), which is a centralized fixed-point market research method. A total of 312 consumers of liquor products are visited, including 95.2% of men and 4.8% of women. According to the principle of statistics, the confidence of this survey is above 96%, which is in full compliance with the accuracy of market research. The Beijing Precision Planning Market Research Department uses SPSSforwindow11.5 social science statistical analysis software to enter data for the survey questionnaire, and obtains the survey data and analysis results after conducting scientific frequency and cross analysis.

    Finally, through the accurate planning, the authoritative experts with 15 years of successful marketing experience in the food industry conducted comprehensive analysis and analysis on the basis of the survey data, and wrote the “2009 Research and Analysis Report on Consumer Demand Market of Liquor Products”.

    The following analysis is a small part of the main conclusions of this consumer demand market research.

    The most liquor brands consumers drink by themselves

    Among the most popular liquor brands that Beijing consumers drink, Red Star ranks first, accounting for 22.0% of the consumer choice ratio; followed by Niulanshan, accounting for 18.9% of the consumer ratio; Jinliufu with 10.1% nomination rate The third most popular liquor brand in Beijing by consumers; Wuliangye accounted for 9.5% of the consumer choice ratio. In the following order, Maotai accounted for 5.4%; Kyoto accounted for 3.7%; Jingjiu accounted for 3.0%; Liuyanghe accounted for 2.4%; and other liquor brands totaled 25.0%. It can be seen that Beijing local liquor brands such as Red Star and Niulanshan still occupy the leading position of consumers to drink their own liquor brands.

    Consumers buy the most brands of gifts and liquor

    The liquor brand that consumers buy as the most gifts is Wuliangye, which accounts for 30.9% of the consumer choice ratio; Jinliufu ranks second with 20.0% of the consumer choice ratio; Maotai ranks third, accounting for the consumer ratio. 18.9%; red star accounted for 4.9%; Liuyang River accounted for 2.5%; Luzhou Laojiao accounted for 2.1%; Niulanshan accounted for 1.8%. It can be seen that Wuliangye, Jinliufu and Maotai are the most popular liquor brands in Beijing.

    The main factors to consider when buying your own liquor

    The main factors for consumers to buy their own liquor are firstly 32.9% of the taste; followed by the price of 19.1%; the quality of 17.15%; the brand of 11.75%; the degree of 8.0%; the selection ratio of other factors is very small. It can be seen that the five aspects of the taste, price, quality, brand and degree of liquor products are the main factors for consumers to drink their own liquor.

    The main factors to consider when buying gift liquor

    The main considerations for consumers to buy liquor gifts are brand, which accounts for 28.6%; quality accounts for 16.5%; taste accounts for 14.15%; price accounts for 13.8%; packaging accounts for 9.45%; culture and vintage account for 6.8% and 6.0%, respectively. It can be seen that the brand, quality, taste, price and product packaging are the main factors that consumers consider when purchasing liquor gifts. There are obvious differences between the factors that consumers consider when purchasing their own liquor.

   Consumers think that it is best to buy a bottle of white wine that they drink.

    Consumers believe that the most suitable ratio for purchasing a bottle of liquor is 21-50 yuan, which is the highest ratio, accounting for 34.6%; followed by the ratio of 11-20 yuan, 17.9%; the ratio of consumers choosing 51-80 yuan is 15.9%; The ratio of -10 yuan is 12.3%; the ratio of 81-150 yuan is 12.0%; the ratio of 150 yuan or more is 6.0%. It can be seen that the price of the bottle of liquor that consumers drink is 21-50 yuan per bottle is the most suitable.

    Consumers think that it is best to buy a gift of white wine.

    Consumers believe that the highest ratio of gifts for liquors over 200 yuan is 31.5%; the ratio of consumers who are most suitable for 101-150 yuan, 81-100 yuan and 151-200 yuan is very close, accounting for 17.7% and 17.3% respectively. And 16.6%. It can be seen that there are two main price ranges for consumers to buy liquor gifts. The price of each bottle of liquor is more than 200 yuan and 81-200 yuan.

    The average monthly purchase price of consumers who drink white wine

    The proportion of consumers who buy their own liquor for 51-100 yuan per month is the highest, accounting for 31.4%; followed by the ratio of 21-50 yuan is 18.4%; the ratio of 151-200 members ranks third, accounting for 13.7%; The consumer ratio of 101-150 yuan is 12.7%; the proportion of consumers who spend 201-300 yuan per month on white liquor is 8.4%; the ratio of 300 yuan or more is 7.0%; and the price below 20 yuan is 8.4%. It can be seen that the market capacity of Beijing liquor products is very huge.

    How much does it cost for consumers to buy gift liquor every month?

    Consumers spend an average of 51-100 yuan per month on the purchase of gift liquor, accounting for 23.0% of the consumer choice ratio; followed by the consumer ratio of 151-200 yuan is 18.9%; monthly purchase of gift liquor at 300 yuan The above consumer ratio reached 16.7%; 101-150 yuan accounted for 14.6%; 201-300 yuan accounted for 13.9%. It can be seen that the size of the Beijing gift liquor market is very large.

    There is a clear difference in consumption between buying your own drink and gift liquor.

    Through the comparative analysis of the above consumer demand survey data, it can be seen that consumers buy their own drinks and gift liquors, there are obvious differences in brand selection, main considerations, price acceptance and monthly expenses.

    Liquor consumers need comprehensive analysis of content and charts, please refer to Beijing Precision Planning "2009 Liquor Products Consumer Demand Market Research and Analysis Report". This report uses the PPT file format, with more than 110 research and analysis charts, more than 180 pages of PPT files, and the total number of words is more than 20,000 words. The value of the research report is more than 50,000 yuan.

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